Petracon International

The Petracon Group is a consortium establish with traditional values that breed Purpose, Professionalism and Profitability. Its operations are predominantly based on excelling standards worldwide. Poised towards these standards, It has operational arms which operate in various fields regionally, as well as international alliances with sister companies that enable its global operations. The Petracon Group is currently engaged regionally in projects that border around the energy industry, infrastructure development, environmental restoration, human capital development, materials & commodity trade, consultancy and domestic investments across fields that fuel national growth.

The group also, in collaboration with its International partners, is actively involved in machinery & the heavy equipment industry in the line of fabrication, acquisition, and worldwide delivery, as well as related assembly of plants and stations. Each of the member arms of the group packs a specialized workforce with extensive expertise in the various fields of operations.

Our Expertise:

  1. Design
  2. Engineering
  3. Procurement
  4. Construction
  5. Installation
  6. Commissioning
  7. Maintenance Management
  8. Manpower Supply

The Leaders

Terso Romeo is an international businessman and a global player in the Oil industry. Before fully independently venturing into energy business, he worked for several years with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) under contract, and has a thorough orientation of the corporate field of the industry. His affiliation with oil companies across the Middle East furnishes his network of operations in international energy development and trading. He is also established in various sectors, which include Real Estate, Heavy Equipment, Hospitality, Project Finance, Infrastructure Development and Consulting.

Romeo is the founder of the Petracon group with a vision to become a global conglomerate leading in all spheres of engagement with the highest acclaimed world class standards. With his extensive background in corporate management and International business relations, he navigates the group inline with a drive towards purpose, professionalism and profitability which is fueled by a fine blend of vision and passion. His association with highly experienced business leaders, and alliances with reputed international companies equip him with markers for a global footprint.

Lee R Hamre is an international businessman and renown entrepreneur from the USA with over 3 decades of experience in successful business ownership, operations and management. He is well versed in global business engagements which involve direct relations with foreign governments and the initiation & execution of international projects. His specialty is largely heavy equipment, heavy haul, ports construction & management, and his business prowess is highly dependable as he possesses traits of discipline and stamina which he inherited from his past service in the United States Navy Reserves.

Lee is also the CEO of our sister companies, Hamre Equipment and AmeraMex International Inc. based in California, USA.

Our Partners