Petracon International


Petracon International business ventures is an international arm of the Petracon group with offices in California, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Tel Aviv and Accra, supporting the group’s global operations which are based on collaborative partnerships and alliances with international sister companies and global groups. The firm is, in fact, a member of the Gazmin International Group, and collaborates with the inhouse members on global projects which include Oil & Gas, infrastructure, finance, heavy equipment, electricity and ports. The firm focuses on international trade, largely centered on Petroleum, as well as investments across various fields globally, serving as a venture capitalist and holding stocks in various companies and other establishments Internationally.

Petracon International business ventures ltd has collaborated with its sister companies and international partners in the execution of some completed and ongoing projects which include a Rural Electrification & Solar Energy project in Cameroon; Dam construction and housing projects in Gambia; an Oil Refinery construction in Morocco; Construction and operation of a Sea Port in El Salvador as well as an Oil Refinery; Upgrade of some ports in the US with the buliding of container exchange systems; and water purification projects across the middle east, among other projects.

One of Petracon’s sister companies, Ameramex International Inc. is a listed company on the American Stock Exchange, providing an authentic global footprint for our operations in the wider world.